What makes Geilo Ski school unique?

Geilo Ski school takes pride in it’s experienced, professional, and passionate ski and snowboard instructors who prioritise education and knowledge. The team shares a love for teaching and snowsports.

Our team has three important values:
-passion for teaching skiing and snowboarding
-sharing the enjoyment of snowsports
-creating unique winter experiences

Why is Geilo Ski school professional?

Geilo Ski School has experienced and well-reputed ski instructors. We are all trained in methodology, pedagogy, biomechanics and ski and snowboard technique. 

We also see the hosting as an important part of the teaching.

We have passion for teaching and blives it’s a profession. 
The team is carefully composed with unique characteristics, focusing on all guests, aiming to inspire and share the joy of skiing and snowboarding.

We are located at Slaatta – Geilo

We aim to inspire and enhance your snow experience, and creating memorable ski holidays

Geilo Ski school provides private and group classes in various snowsport disciplines including Alpine skiing, Snowboarding, Telemark skiing, Cross country skiing, and adaptive skiing/snowboarding. 

Professional guidance, personal development, skiing enjoyment, confidence, and safety are emphasised.

Private ski & snowboard instruction
It`s all about you!

Geilo Ski school ski and snowboard instructors will tailor the lessons according to your wishes and needs. Get tips on what you need to do to develop as a skier and remember, it’s often the small adjustments in the skiing technique that makes the biggest changes.

Geilo Ski school is a professional ski school and we set high demands on
education and knowledge for our instructors.

Get ready to hit the slopes and feel the ski magic come alive!

Are you an experienced skier interested in refining your technique? Do you seek an energetic instructor or one with patience and understanding?

We are a group of instructors with different personalities, qualities and experiences,
-just like our customers. When booking a private instructor we focus on finding the right instructor for you!

Check out our ski and snowboard videos on youtube.com

Group ski school
- For you who like to learn to ski and conquer the slopes together with others

 Geilo Ski school offer group skiing courses for both children and adults, Monday to Thursday. Our groups are small and we offer group courses for different age groups and levels, beginner to advanced.

Geilo Adaptive - Snowsport For Everyone!

We believe that skiing and snowboarding should be available for everyone- therefore Geilo Ski school
provide an adaptive program in Geilo.