A checklist for parents who have children in ski school

Some things to think about when signing children into ski school:
Don’t forget about a toilet stop – Make sure that the children don’t need to go the toilet during the ski lesson, Its easier before than during!
Some food to feel good – Keep their energy levels up by making sure they’ve eaten and drank enough before hitting the slopes.
Dress warm – Ensure children are dressed in appropriate clothing to stay happy and warm.
Top tips: Wool is a great base layer for skiing, as it stays warm when wet and skiing involves intense activity followed by periods of rest time. Cotton lacks the insulating properties of wool and will keep you cold if wet.For both comfort and performance, only one pair of socks should be worn, with no other material inside the boot. Inner trousers/thermals are best worn above the boot cuff.
Ski boots that fit – Make sure the ski boots are not too big nor too small so the children can ski comfortably and safely.
Protect your children’s eyes – Goggles/sunglasses are a necessity and will prevent photokeratitis (snowblindness). It is important to wear eye protection accordingly to the weather conditions and visibility on the slopes. We have only two eyes and need to protect them.
Double check your booking – See attached infos to ensure you have booked your children into the correct group, according to their age and ability.
Know where to meet – The meeting point for group ski school is at the red netted fence, between reception and the button lift. Private lessons start at the white flag behind the lift building.
See but don’t be seen: For their first time in ski school, younger children sometimes get anxious when leaving their parents. If you feel this may be a problem, feel free to stay nearby, or watch the lesson discretely from a distance! We discourage parents taking part in the lesson as it tends to lead to attachment.
Be early – Make sure to be well on time for the lessons (5min prior at the meeting point) So that you get the time to meet the instructor at the start of the lessons, avoid any stress and share all necessaries information’s.
A ceremony is to be shared – Prize-giving takes place on the last day of group lessons (Thursdays, unless otherwise stated). Meet us by the bottom of the slopes) 10-15 mins before the lesson ends to see the children receive their certificates!
Take it easy – Remember that you don`t always have to go on steeper slopes to develop your skiing. It’s important to build up your confidence slowly on familiar terrain and rather get some practice and good habits on easier terrain.
Practice – To make the most of what you learn in ski school it is important to also ski after the lessons.
Feeling unwell or being delayed – If your child is feeling unwell or there are any delays, let us know so we can work something out. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!
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